Why I make fine furniture

Irene Banham furniture exists to provide customers with the possibility of having exactly what they want. Instead of having to compromise with currently available offerings, your furniture problems can be overcome and visions realised, with my bespoke designs.

My background and influences

Formerly a civil design engineer, in 2014 I decided to pursue a career in cabinet making because I love to use my hands to make practical and beautiful things.  The process of designing and making fine furniture provides great satisfaction in itself.  However, the ultimate feeling of achievement comes when I have made a distinctive, well-crafted piece, which perfectly fulfils my client’s needs and surpasses their expectations.

I studied fine-furniture design and making at Williams and Cleal Furniture School, where I learnt to design and make pieces to a very exacting standard.  This quality of workmanship has been maintained and I continue to make all my pieces to the same high standards, using a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques.  My designs are subject to a wide range of influences – practical everyday objects, historic objects, aesthetic styles from history to the present day, things found close by my home and things found on travels abroad – all are useful references for a new design.

What is important in my work

My background in engineering design provides a great basis for designing furniture that is well engineered and functions perfectly.  Attention to detail is as important in furniture making as it is in engineering and this flows through into all my designs.  Of course, functionality is not everything and part of the reason for my departure from civil engineering was to have the freedom to be more creative and to consider aesthetics in my designs.  I believe the aesthetics of a special piece are just as important as its function and I strive to produce elegant and beautiful solutions to all customers’ needs.

How I achieve Job Satisfaction

I want my customers to see their piece of Irene Banham furniture every day and think “I love this, I’m so glad I had it made.  It works perfectly and looks fantastic – just right for me in every way”.  This is the ultimate job satisfaction!

Picture of Irene Banham making a small table