Commissioning bespoke furniture is the perfect solution if you would like something exactly suited to your needs – whether you want something for everyday use or a unique statement piece for your home or a gift for a very special occasion.

Commissioning should be an easy, but exciting adventure, so to help you feel comfortable with what takes place when you commission a piece of furniture from me, I have put together two case studies from actual commissions.  These describe the process that was followed and the interactions between me and the client and demonstrate that it was a smooth and rewarding process with an excellent outcome.

Extending Dining Table set for six diners

Extending Dining Table Case Study

(click picture to open case study)

Cherry Bedside Table / Cabinet

Bedside Tables Case Study

(click picture to open case study)

Whether you are just exploring options or know for sure that you want to commission a piece of handmade furniture, please contact me to discuss your ideas, without obligation.


 Phone: 07857 703500

 Workshop location: Ground Floor Workshop, Epstein Building, Mivart Street, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JF

 Postal Address: 19 Royal York Crescent, Bristol, BS8 4JY