Bog Oak Double Leaf Coffee Table in Lounge

Furniture photographs – for ideas and inspiration!

In this furniture photo gallery you will see a selection of fine furniture that I’ve made.  Some items have been made as a bespoke commission for clients, whilst others have been made for exhibition. Please enjoy a little time browsing these photos, which may give you ideas and inspiration for your own project.  You can find additional pictures and a detailed description of each piece by clicking on any of the images below.

You can commission a bespoke design …..

The items in this portfolio are selected to show a range of types of furniture that I have made  to date. They are by no means an exhaustive list of what is available or what I can make for you.  I provide a bespoke design and making service which will solve the problem of finding exactly the piece of furniture you want.  All the designs below are unique to Irene Banham Furniture and all pieces have been handcrafted to the highest standards at my workshop in Bristol.

…. or customise one of my standard designs to your preference

Some of the designs I sell as ‘Customisable Furniture’.  These are designs that I have created to have certain standardised components, but they can be customised to your preference.  Where this applies, it is noted in the detailed description of the piece.  You can also find out more about this selection of furniture on my ‘Customisable Furniture’ page.

Items for immediate sale

A few items, that were not made to commission, are available for sale.  Where this is the case, it is noted in the details of the piece. If you spot something that you would like that is for sale, please get in touch.

See something you like?

If you are inspired by anything you see during your browsing, or would like to enquire about bespoke commissions, please get in touch to find out more.