‘All angles!’ Lamps – a new addition to the Cantilever Collection which now comprises Cake Stands and Lamps.  The lamps shown are made of London Plane (left, in the two-lamp photo) and American Black Walnut (right, in the same photo).  They are both made with colourful cables which, contrary to the common approach of hiding the cable, are left on show to provide colour and interest to the lamp.  These finely crafted lamps incorporate details such as the ‘through wedged tenon’ joint at the top of the London Plane lamp and an American Cherry stringing detail on the top of the Walnut lamp base.  These lamps provide a wonderfully unusual and attractive talking-point at any time and sufficient light to brighten up any room when they are alight.  London Plane wood has a lovely grain pattern which gives an almost textured look to the wood and the American Walnut has a rich dark colouring which provides elegance in any setting.


The vintage-style bulbs are held with two different types of bulb holder – the London Plane lamp is shown with a black bakelite holder with integral switch and the Walnut lamp is shown with a bright orange bulb holder and an in-line switch.   Bulb holder and cable colours can be altered to suit customer preferences on lamps made to order, please enquire if you have something specific in mind.

The London Plane lamp is approximately 62cm high and the walnut lamp is approximately 50cm high overall.  Each comes with 3m of cable (including cable length integral to lamp) and bulb.  The bulbs are modern versions of a vintage filament style bulb and have LEDs in place of filaments which means that they are very energy efficient and will last thousands of hours.  The bulbs are around 3W and provide the equivalent light of a filament bulb of around 35W.  If you prefer to provide you own bulb or have a particular preference for a different shape/style this can easily be accommodated.