‘Cushion on a Crate’ – the top is not really a cushion in the conventional sense of the word and the base is much more than a crate!  However, I think the understated name is perfect for this piece, which has a finely crafted wooden lid in a cushion shape, with a carefully constructed box underneath.  The piece is for sitting on, storing ‘stuff’ in, stroking and looking at. The cushion shaped top is designed for comfort as well as looks, so this piece makes a very comfortable, as well as attractive, seat.  The seat is made of alternating strips of maple wood and red coloured veneer, to provide the pin stripe effect, with the same method used to produce a complementary effect on the side panels of the ‘crate’.  The frame of the box is made of Ash and exhibits some lovely grain patterns which complement the stripey panels.

The cushion top is hand shaped and fixed to the base box with soft-close hinges, so there are no loud bangs or sore fingers when the lid is closed.  The cushion measures 450mm x 450mm and the roomy storage box underneath can be used for anything you like, including an emergency tidy-up in the living room before visitors arrive.

This piece will add an extra dimension to any room in your house and will be an attractive talking point as well as additional seating and storage.  The same style of box can be commissioned with the pin stripes in other colours e.g. blue, yellow, green, if you would like them to coordinate with your decor.

Note:  This piece is available for immediate purchase at £1,175 (excluding delivery).  Please contact me by email or phone if you are interested and would like further details.