Furniture in a Scandinavian / Mid-Century Modern style 

Scandinavian style furniture and Mid-Century Modern style furniture are not the same in all aspects, but they often incorporate the same essential design features, such as clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic.   Both styles favour simplicity and functionality, but Scandinavian styles are founded on the idea of traditional craftsmanship and use of natural materials, whereas mid-century modern styles across the globe incorporate industrial materials such as steel and plastic as well as natural materials like wood. 

The two styles complement each other very well and the terms can often be used interchangeably for certain pieces of furniture.  For example this solid oak dining table could be considered as both Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian in style, as it has clean lines and a simple, unfussy look yet it is an extremely functional and attractive piece of furniture.  It has also been handcrafted and is a high-quality piece that will last for many years.

Bespoke Oak dining table design

I made this particular dining table as a commission for a family in the south of England.  The brief was for a Scandinavian/Mid-Century Modern style piece in Oak, with 2m x 1m top, to seat 6 people most of the time, with the capacity for 8 on occasion.  

There was also a preference for the under-frame not to have a rail around the perimeter of the table top, so that it is easier to sit under the table without interference from a rail.  The under-frame you see in the photos above, is a result of my bespoke design which caters for this preference. 

The legs are slightly splayed and also tapered, the edge of the top is chamfered underneath and the corners of the top are rounded, all of which contributes to the Scandinavian/Mid-Century Modern look. 

The clients are very pleased with their new oak dining table, as it fulfils all their functional and aesthetic wishes and will be enjoyed in their home for many years to come.

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