This extending dining table was a commission for a client with specific requirements for a table that could be used in two different formats, for two separate purposes.  The table in its smaller format is for use as a working table, situated at the edge of a room.  It therefore needed to have straight sides in that format, with a specific plan area.  In the extended format, the table is situated in the centre of the room.  It is then oval in shape and seats six diners (possibly eight for a cosy family dinner!).

The table is solid wood throughout and to match other furniture in the room and the style of the interior in general, richly coloured American Walnut was chosen.  The legs are a design that has been adapted from my butterfly leaf dining table – this leg design allows all diners to have a seating area unencumbered by a table leg when the table is extended.  This was a particular feature that the clients were keen to have.

To change from the smaller working format to dining table format, there are two leaves which unclip from below the table and fold upwards.  The table is then rotated through 90 degrees and the leaves are supported on the under frame.  There are no extension pieces to store elsewhere or additional pieces of equipment needed to change between large and small format tables.

This short video shows the dining table being opened from ‘working’ to ‘dining’ format