Key Design Parameters

I designed and made this walnut extending dining table as a commission for two clients with very specific design requirements.  The clients wanted a single table that could be adapted to two different sizes, for two separate purposes.  The table is used as a working desk in its smaller format, when it is situated at the edge of a room.  When used in this way, it needs to have straight sides and a very specific plan area.  When the table is extended for dining it is situated in the centre of the room, is oval in shape and seats up to eight diners.

Design Details

The table is solid wood throughout and the client chose richly coloured American Walnut to match other furniture in the room and the general style of the interior.  The table legs are a design that has been adapted from my butterfly leaf dining table.  This original leg design allows all diners to have a seating area unencumbered by a table leg, when the table is extended.  The clients were particularly keen to have this style of table leg incorporated in their design.

To extend from the working desk format to the oval dining format, two leaves are unclipped from below the table and folded upwards.  The table is then rotated through 90 degrees and the leaves are supported on the under frame.  There are no extension pieces that need to be stored elsewhere or additional pieces of equipment required to change between the working desk and dining table formats.

Extending Dining Table Commissioning Case Study

The clients had been searching for a suitable table for some time, before thinking about commissioning a table designed especially for them.  They were very happy with the design process that followed, as part of my collaborative commissioning approach, and they are delighted with the final table that they now have.  I have used this dining table as one of my Commissioning Case Studies.  These are intended to help potential customers to understand and feel comfortable with the process of commissioning their own furniture.  Please follow this link to read the commissioning case study.

This short video shows the dining table being extended from ‘working’ to ‘dining’ format: