Alongside furniture, I design and make other products from wood.  These are generally made in small batches of 5 or so at a time and I try keep one or two in stock so that they are available for immediate purchase.  These designs are original and they are unique to Irene Banham Furniture.  Each piece is made to the same high quality of craftsmanship that I use on all my furniture and they would make a beautiful addition to any home.

Some of these items are also customisable and where this is possible, it is mentioned in the descriptions below.  Customised pieces have a lead time (typically 4 weeks) as they will be made to order.  I can advise you of the lead time when you make an enquiry.

If you would like to purchase any of the items below, please contact me:


Phone: 07857 703500

Workshop location: Ground Floor Workshop, Epstein Building, Mivart Street, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JF (visits by appointment only please)

Postal Address: 19 Royal York Crescent, Bristol, BS8 4JY

Cantilever Cake Stand

Cantilever Cake Stand
Cantilever Cake Stand - Collapsed

With its unique cantilever design, this cake stand combines beautiful aesthetics and perfect engineering, to produce a conversation piece which is both ornamental and useful.

The two platters slot onto the tapered post and rest solidly in place when the stand is in use, but can be easily lifted off for packing away. There are no fixtures or fittings required to make up the cake stand and keep it stable, just slot the post into the base and the platters onto the post. (There is the facility fix the post to the base with a removable bolt, in case you want to lift the stand up by the post when it is full of cakes).

All four components are finished with a food-safe wax/oil product, which protects the wood and provides a sealed surface so that it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth after use.

Note that this doesn’t necessarily have to be used as a cake stand! It could be used for displaying any items – from other edibles such as canapés or chocolates to non-edibles such as jewellery or precious ornaments.

The cake stands are made from solid wood and are available in a variety of wood combinations. The post and base are always the same wood type and the two platters are always the same wood type.

Currently available combinations are walnut or cherry post and base with either maple or ash platters.  The cake stand shown above has a walnut post and base with maple platters.

Cakestands are available to purchase at £175 (excluding delivery).  Please contact me to place an order. 

Other wood combinations are available on request, just contact me to let me know what you have in mind and I will get back to you with further information on your choice.

Walnut 'All Angles!' Lamps

‘All angles!’ Lamps – the latest addition to the Cantilever Collection.  This lamp is made of solid American Black Walnut a colourful cable which, contrary to the common approach of hiding the cable, is left on show to provide colour and interest to the lamp.  The finely crafted lamp includes an American Cherry stringing detail on the top of the lamp base.  These lamps provide a wonderfully unusual and attractive talking-point at any time and sufficient light to brighten up any room when they are alight and the American Walnut has a rich dark colouring which provides elegance in any setting.

The vintage-style bulb is held in a bright orange bulb holder and there is an in-line on/off switch on the cable.   The cable is cotton covered and this particular design is called ‘Indian Summer’ matching nicely with the orange bulb holder.  The lamp is approximately 50cm high overall and  comes with 3m of cable (including cable length integral to lamp) and a bulb.  The bulbs are modern versions of a vintage filament style bulb and have LEDs in place of filaments which means that they are very energy efficient and will last thousands of hours.  The bulbs are around 3W and provide the equivalent light of a filament bulb of around 35W.  

Walnut ‘All Angles’ lamps are available to purchase at £245 (excluding delivery).  Please contact me to place an order.

If you would prefer a different colour of bulb holder and/or cable, to suit your decor, then please let me know and I will get back to you with further information. If you prefer to provide you own bulb or have a particular preference for a different shape/style this can also be accommodated.